Finest Ventures is a company that builds and operates internet products and businesses.

Our current projects

Upscope — 👀 2017
The best screen sharing system for customer success teams. Easily see the screen of any of your customers in seconds without installations.

Hundo — 🤝 2016
Never worry about duplicate accounts in your Salesforce again. Use Hundo's powerful chrome extension to instantly pull up-to-date contact information of anyone and add a new contact to your CRM in one click.

Anymail finder — 📬 2015
The original email finder. Provide our software with a name and a website and we'll crawl the web to find an email and verify it directly with the server. Trusted by thousands of sales professionals daily.

In the pipeline

Cash Sync — 💰 2018
Effortless invoicing and transaction reconciliation between Stripe and Xero.
Book keeping shouldn't be manual in 2017.

Clarity — 📚 late 2018
It's still a secret.

Past failures

Targeting Monkey (🐒 2016 — ☠️ 2016) a service that allowed web designers to easily incorporate location data into their pages;
Tailor (👔 2015 — ☠️ 2016) a landing page optimization service;
Thrust Division (🚀 2014 — ☠️ 2015) a web design company;
Flyer guidebook (🛫 2013 — ☠️ 2014) a travel data API company;
Finest Travels (🌍 2012 — ☠️ 2014) an online travel booking website.

Contact us

Come by for a drink on us at our office located at:
2nd floor, 2 Sheraton Street,
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